Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Dupe – Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Eeeeee! I am excited. Okay, so this weekend I went to a Wedding and I was a Bridesmaid. It was fantastic and had such a great time! However in the excitement of it all I left behind my trusty Holy Grail foundation, Estee Lauder Double Wear.

photo 4 (40)

Kindly the Bride’s in-laws are sending it on to me, but I got into a bit of a flap this morning when I realised I couldn’t wear my lovely double wear to work this morning! [on the way back from the wedding yesterday I just used concealer and knew I probably wouldn't bump into anyone I knew on the way home! :P]

I looked into my makeup storage and realised I had bought Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation as a stand by, and had completely forgotten about it.

I hadn’t used it before, and after being super disappointed with the much raved about ‘Wake Me Up’ foundation Rimmel did, I didn’t hold much hope.

But omg,  I am SOO proud I bought this. It is a life safer- it is literally like Double Wear, but in a pump version!

The wearability is GREAT. It has lasted all day on my face, and, like Double Wear, a little went a long way. It’s actually less messy to use than Double Wear as you don’t have to pour it out from the bottle.

photo 1 (62)

My nose does feel a little oily, which I don’t get as bad with DW, but it covered all my spots and blemishes well, and dried matte which I like. I did take a little longer to dry than DW too, but a quick swipe of powder sorts that.

A little goes a long way!

A little goes a long way!

It does unfortunately have that funky smell I find all Rimmel foundations have.. like a very cheap scent, but it goes about 2 minutes after application.

I am so happy I have found a dupe for DW, as you all know I rave about it and don’t wear anything else, but I will now ALWAYS keep this in if I run out of DW, or leave it behind somewhere like I have done etc etc.

A great matte, long lasting, full coverage foundation – and it’s a fraction of the price of DW (which is now £28.50), and is £7.99

I love it when I find a new piece of makeup that I love haha!

Daisy xox

Update in Instagram Pictures!

Hi everyone! OK, yes I have been totally AWOL recently, so thought I’d do a photo post with the recent goings on in my life :) I’ve purchased a fair few beauty things recently, so I’m all ready to delve into blogging again, and back to sharing my purchases with you! Watch this space <3

So here is what has been going on! From Autumn [yes I had blogged then but I haven't done an Instagram post since Summer!] to now :) Enjoy!

pizap.com13915409911621L-R – Visiting Bath with my best friend, it was a fantastic few days in one of the most amazing cities ever in my opinion!, A yummy Devon ice-cream back home, the beautiful view of the sea in my town, me feeling very happy!

pizap.com13915447145782L-R – My little hamster busily eating, and my kitten Salem!, Trying Macarons for the first time (converted) and trying out the newest Sims 3 expansion (hurry up Sims 4!)

pizap.com13915448823563L-R – My boyfriends robots walking around the living room (the cat was so confused!), XMAS! Loved having pretty lights everywhere :), making yummy hot chocolates with our new drinks machine, and Salem! Look how much he has grown! That face <3



L-R – My new iPad Mini with Retina Display, I LOVE IT, On the train, the UK has had storm after storm and these were the floods I travelled through on the way, my new Yankee Candle black cat tealight holder, I just HAD to have him :), and a cheeky Big Mac and fries.. it was delicious 


L-R – Me throughly enjoying a McDonalds Strawberry milkshake, My birthday! Work decorated my desk, and I had to move it all so I could get to my keyboard! T’was a lovely day where I was really spoilt with lots of cards and pressies :), The birthday cake my friend at work made me – HOW amazing?! I love leopard print and she is so talented at making cakes but was not expecting this at all – the detail in it is amazing, all the little sugar flowers she made herself and she painted on the leopard print herself, so wow! It tasted amazing too :), and a Magmum of my favourite Prosecco at my lovely mum and dads :)



L-R – A slice of my other Birthday cake, chocolate of course!, Playing the addicitve Farm Heroes Saga on my iPad Mini, My look for going out for Birthday Tapas, and the beautiful sky and sea that I can see outside my kitchen window <3

It’s lovely looking back and remembering all the great things in your life – count your blessings and try not to sweat the small stuff! I’m certainly trying, and I’m still trying hard to follow this positive mantra! :) Doing posts like these make me realise how lucky I am really.

Take care everyone, and I’ll post soon!

Daisy xox




Things that have made me :) this week

Hi everyone! Hope your first few days of 2014 have been good, and for those of us that have gone back to work, that you’ve adjusted back in well :)

When I first started this blog, I did a post every week of things that make me happy, they were really a positive thing for me to do, and I’ve decided to start it up again – we hear doom and gloom every day, so it’s good to reflect and ‘write’ down the things that make us feel great.

New Years Eve – I’ve had pretty quiet New Years Eves over the years to be honest, either just going out for a few then going early, or just staying at home and watching it on the box! Gone are the days I used to smuggle vodka in water bottles to a street party haha. Me, my boyfriend and my parents went round to my sister’s house, with my little niece and her boyfriend. We had a lovely meal, lots of wine and some great happy family time. I love my family and it was lovely to get merry and see in the new year with them all <3

Sleep! It was the last few days from being off work [I had a month's holiday to take so took it all in December] so I really enjoyed just chilling out and sleeping, knowing that I had a whole year of early mornings coming up due to work! I feel so much better I’ve properly re-charged my batteries!

Ariana Grande! I never really knew who she was and always saw her trending on twitter etc, but she came up on the side on YouTube, so I listened to a few of her songs, and now I am full on girl crushing her! She seems so sweet and real, just like any normal young woman! I am obsessed with her music and play it aaaaall the time, it’s always great to find a new artist to listen to! <3

iPad Mini with Retina Display – I’ve had an iPad 2 since they’ve been out, but thought it was time to upgrade so just decided to go for it and get the new iPad Mini! I am in love! It is so gorgeous, the screen is so bright and HD, and it’s so light and ahhh <3 I use my iPad to read every day through the Kindle app and it’s so much more comfortable and less achey for my arm to hold than my massive iPad 2! I am so glad I decided to get it, I am obsessed! I’ve found I’ve been using it more than my MacBook Pro recently!

This is literally my favourite drink at the moment – it is just the nicest thing ever in a bottle.. perhaps after Chanel no. 5! ;)

I hope you’ve all had a great week! :)

Daisy xox

Happy New Year guys!

Hi everyone! :) I just wanted to do a quick post to wish you all a happy, and healthy 2014. I also hope you all had a fantastic Christmas :)

I’ve neglected this blog, and have made it one of my resolutions to buckle down and blog more! I really do enjoy it, and need to stop being so lazy! :P

Thank you for taking the time to read my reviews, I really appreciate it, and look forward to sharing 2014’s beauty world with you – and maybe some more ‘lifestyle’ posts too :)

Here’s to a great year!



Lip of the day – Benefit Full Finish Lipstick in ‘Lady’s Choice’

Hi guys! Just a little post to share my lip look today – a very simple one!

photo 3 (55)I love Benefit as a brand, and this is a great little lipstick, I definitely want to get more shades. I wish they made the tube a bit more fancy though for the price!

photo 1 (61)

This is a brilliant nude – it’s a rich, creamy colour and makes your lips feel really moisturised. It’s not a nude that will easily wash you out – it’s a warm tone.

photo 2 (57)

It’s a great slap it on and go shade!

It’s £14 and you can get it from boots here or at Benefit :)

Daisy xox

November BirchBox

Hi guys! I can’t believe we’re in Xmas month already! This year has really flown by!

So much so in fact, I forgot to blog about November’s BirchBox, so here we go! :)

The theme is ‘icons’ :

photo 1 (59)


As always you get the box, with the little bag containing the products and info cards.

photo 3 (53)


Pukka Herbal Teas – I love herbal teas, and these are amazing! The cinnamon flavour was so warming on a cold afternoon.

photo 1 (60)

Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara – I was really excited this was in here as I love Laura Mercier as a brand and I wasn’t expecting it. It probably won’t be a mascara I’ll wear much as I can only really wear waterproof – damn watery eyes! I did have a go with it though and it is pretty lengthening.

photo 3 (54)


Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash – OMG this smells DEVINE. I was a bit worried about using it as I have really sensitive skin, but I didn’t react and it really gets you going in the morning with it’s zestiness.

photo 2 (55)


English Laundry EDP – A very light, ‘fresh’ fragrance, not really me – I like super heady ones!

photo 2 (56)

Chella Ivory Lace Highligher Pencil – I’m yet to use this, but it looks good – a nice thick pencil to use, interesting to see how this will look!

photo 4 (39)


Beauty Protector / Protect and detangle – This is supposed to de-frizz and de-tangle when sprayed into damp hair. Always a good thing!


photo 5 (18)BirchBox Pencil Sharpener – ALWAYS a good thing to have handy!

I’m not as excited about this one as last time, nothing I would purchase again I don’t think, but it’s always fun to test things out :D

Daisy xox


Subtle Autumn Lips – Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 08

Hi everyone :)

This is just a quick face of the day really – it’s really autumnal now and it’s got the bite of cold in the air which I love, and I was drawn to this subtle plum coloured lippy for today.

Rimmel is so cheap, and the Kate Moss Lipstick range is one of their bestsellers – such great colours!

photo 1 (9)

photo 3 (7)

photo 4 (5)

This one is called ’08’ and is a dark pink/slightly nude lipstick, so it’s great for those winter days, and especially good if you’re not brave enough for a darker colour.

I love winter for clothes and makeup, you can experiment so much! I’m way more into darker colours than bright, so I can’t wait to use a few more lipstick colours!

You can get this lipstick from most drugstores, like Superdrug here :) and it’s £5.49.